Refounded on 22th October 2019

Club number: 217799

Executive in charge until July 2022

President: Federico Dugini

Vice president: Pietro Valente

Secretary: Jacopo Arena

Prefect: Giada Fabbri

Treasurer : Niccolò Baccani

Counselors: Luca Pandolfini, Niccolò Albi

Founders : Enrico Dho, Pietro Valente, Edoardo Alderighi, Alberto Rorandelli, Lorenzo Guandalini, Charles A. Mori.

Past president:

2020-2021: Enrico Dho

We are partners of Rotary Club Firenze Ovest

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Headquarters: Via lungarno della zecca vecchia 38, presso Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, 50122, Firenze.